Johansson Crystal analysers

First of its kind

In use at Balder beamline - Max-IV Laboratory

  • High performance emission spectrometer at Balder beamline
  • First Measurements
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  • Set of 5

    Different crystal orientations for covering the emission lines of most elements.

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  • In work process

    Getting ready for chemical etching.

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  • Microroughness measurements of Johansson Crystal

    Surface quality check before thinning the test crystal

    Micromap WLI@2.5X

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  • Radius measurement of Johansson Crystal

    PSI radius measurement

    ZYGO's Verifire HD in combination with radius kit measurement system

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  • Residual Profile of Johansson Crystal

    Autocollimator based deflectometry measurement

    Novel local slope probing device was specially created for this application.

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  • The test Crystal

    This crystal is actually the first one and it suffered many tests and trials, paving the way to the optimal technology

  • Gallery: a view into the process development
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