Manufacturing Difraction Crystals and Reflective Elements for X-ray: cutting, grinding, lapping, polishing, ion beam figuring and coating - involving adequate metrologies in all steps of the way.

Superpolishing complex shapes in virtually any material

Examples of offered geometries


Some of the delivered parts and services:

  • Double side machined Johansson Crystals
  • High order harmonic rejection mirrors of Balder @ MaxIV Laboratory;
  • M1 (flat) and M2 (toroid) both of 1.16 meter long, gold coated for Spline - ESRF;
  • RF cavities and HV accelerator parts polishing;
  • R&D

    In development

  • Sub ångstrom rms polishing process.

  • High-throughput nanometer PV superflat substrates production technology.

  • In process metrology.

  • Metrology


  • Long trace profiler with side scanning option of the interest surface
  • Autocollimator based 1.5 meter range profiler
  • Outsourced metrology

  • AFM
  • WLI: Zygo NextView
  • Fizeau interferometry: Zygo HD Veryfire
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